How to Set Up and Maintain a WWW Site:
The Guide for Information Providers

Web Server Resource Guide

This page gives URLs for all the Web-related software and tools mentioned in How to Set Up and Maintain a WWW Site and is an online companion to Appendix A of that book. It also gives pointers to a number of sites that might be of interest to Web authors, script developers and administrators. This online copy is brought up to date periodically, but unfortunately I can't guarantee that every link will always be correct.

For your convenience, a number of essential utilities are mirrored here. The names of mirrored utilities are marked with an asterisk (*) and include hypertext links into a local collection of tools.

Extensions: Files ending with a .gz suffix are Unix utilities compressed with the gzip utility. Files ending with .hqx are Macintosh files encoded with BinHex (handled automatically by most Macintosh browsers). Files ending with .zip are DOS/MSWindows files compressed with the pkzip utility.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction to the Web


The World Wide Web FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Web Subject Guides and Resource Compendiums

The Home of the Web at the W3 Organization
YAHOO (Huge and very complete!)
EINET Galaxy
The CERN Virtual Library of Web Sites
The CERN Geographical listing of Web Sites
The NCSA Mosaic What's New Page

Web-Wide Word Searches

Lycos (Carnegie Mellon University)
The Web Crawler
The World Wide Web Worm
The Repository Based Software Engineering project (RBSE)

Doing Business Over the Web

First Virtual Holdings Inc. (a broker for secure Web transactions)
Digicash Corporation (Electronic Data Interchange systems)

CHAPTER 2: Unraveling the Web, How it all Works

Web Browsers

A General Listing of Browsers
NCSA Mosaic (X, Macintosh, Windows)
Netscape (X, Macintosh, Windows; commercial)
W3-Mode for Emacs (X, requires Lucid Emacs or Emacs-19)
Arena (X; experimental HTML 3 browser)
Chimera (X Windows System)*
Local copy
MacWeb (Macintosh)
WinWeb (Windows)
Lynx (UNIX and DOS text-only browser)
Cello (Windows)
AIR Mosaic (Windows; commercial)
Quadralay Mosaic (X, Macintosh, Windows; commercial)
Amiga Mosaic (Amiga)
Web Explorer (OS/2)

TCP/IP and DNS Tools

Traceroute (Unix; trace the network route between two points)*
Local copy
Dig (Unix; versatile forward and reverse name lookup tool)

HTTP and URL References

HTTP 1.0 Specification (Draft)
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions; RFC1341 )
URL Specifications

CHAPTER 3: Installing and Configuring a Web Server

Server Software

NCSA httpd (Unix)*
Local copy
CERN Sever (Unix)*
Local copy
Plexus (Unix)
GN (Unix)
WN (Unix)
Apache Server (Unix)*
Local copy
EIT Enhanced httpd (Unix)
Netsite Communications Server and Netsite Commerce Server (UNIX; Commercial)
Open Market Web Server (Unix; Commercial)
WebSTAR Server (formerly MacHTTP for Macintosh; Commercial)
Win-httpd (Windows)
HTTPS (Windows NT)
WebSite (Windows NT, Windows 95; Commercial)
Purveyor (Windows NT and Windows 95; Commercial)
NetPublisher (Windows NT; Commercial)
NCSA httpd for Amiga (Amiga)
GoServe (OS/2)

Online Documentation for NCSA and CERN Servers

NCSA httpd Documentation
CERN Server Documentation

Server Log File Analyzers

WWWStat (Unix)
GWStat (Graphical companion for WWWStat)
Wusage (Unix)*
Local copy

Running Multi-Homed Servers

Multi-Homed Patches for CERN and NCSA Servers*
SunOS 4.1 and HP-UX 9 Kernel Patches for Virtual Network Interfaces
Detailed Installation Directions for Multi-Homed Servers

Information on Robots

The Robots Page

Publicizing your Site

Submit It! An automated site registration program.

CHAPTER 4: Security

General Unix Security

CERT Advisories
Tripwire (breakin monitoring and detection software)
COPS (system configuration checker)
TAMU (another system configuration checker)
Crack (crack your own system password file)

User Authentication in HTTP 1.0

Overview of User Authentication
Basic Authentication Scheme (User name/password)
PGP/RIPEM-Based Protection in NCSA httpd
Updated Scripts for NCSA httpd PGP/RIPEM Protection*

Secure HTTP Proposals

Home Page of the Internet EngineeringTask Force on WWW Security
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Shen Proposal

Firewalls and Proxies

TIS Firewall Toolkit

Public Key Encryption

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
Riordan's Privacy Enhanced Messages (RIPEM)

CHAPTER 5: Creating Hypertext Documents

HTML Specification and References

Original HTML Specification
Draft HTML 2.0 and 3.0 Specifications
Netscape Extensions


NCSA HTML Tutorial

CHAPTER 6: Web Authoring Tools

HTML Editors

An Up-to-Date List of HTML Editors
Html-mode.el (macros for Unix Emacs)
Html-helper-mode.el (better macros for Unix Emacs)*
Local copy
BBEdit Extensions (macros for Macintosh BBEdit)
WPTOHTML (macros for DOS Word Perfect)
HTMLEd (non-WYSIWYG editor for MS-Windows)*
Local copy
tkWWW (WYSIWYG editor and browser for X Windows)
Phoenix (WYSIWYG editor and browser for X Windows)
HoTMeTaL (WYSIWYG editor for X Windows, Macintosh and MS-Windows)
HTML Editor (WYSIWYG editor for Macintosh)*
Local copy
Arachnid (WYSIWYG editor for Macintosh)
GT_HTML.DOT (plug-in for Microsoft Word for Windows)

HTML Syntax Checkers

Local copy
Local copy
weblint.el: Emacs interface to weblint
HTML On-line Validation Service

HTML Converters and Translators


Master List of HTML Translators
A Better Master List of HTML Translators


Rtftohtml (Rich Text Format)
Rtftoweb (Rich Text Format)
CU_HTML.DOT (Microsoft Word for Windows)
ANT_HTML.DOT, ANT_PLUS.DOT (Microsoft Word for Windows)
SGML Tag Wizard (Microsoft Word for Windows)
Wp2x (Word Perfect for DOS)
WPMacros (Word Perfect for DOS)
WebMaker (FrameMaker)*
Local copy
Frame2html (FrameMaker)
QuadralayWebWorks Document Translator (FrameMaker; Commercial)
MifMucker (FrameMaker)*
Local copy
Latex2html (LaTeX)*
Local copy
Hyperlatex (LaTeX)
Bib2html (BibTeX)
texi2html (GNU Texinfo)
ms2html (Troff ms macros)
troff2html (Troff me macros)
mm2html (Troff mm macros)
RosettaMan (Troff man macros)*
Local copy
Qt2www (Macintosh Quark XPress)
Dave (Macintosh Pagemaker)
Hypermail (Unix Mail Archives)*
Local copy
Txt2html (Plain text)*
Local copy
Local copy of txt2html dictionary file

Graphics Formats

The Graphics FAQ

Clip Art, Icons and Other Web Graphics Resources

Yahoo Listing of Icon Archives
Standard Web Icons (color and black and white)
Daniel's Collection of Icons (color and black and white)
Sandra's Clip Art Collection
SimTel Clip Art Collection
HyperArchive Clip Art Collection

Graphics Display and Conversion Software

XV (Unix X Windows System)
ImageMagick (Unix X Windows System)*
Local copy
PBM Tools (Unix X Windows System)*
Local copy
Ghostscript (Postscript Converter; Unix, DOS, Macintosh)
Graphics Display Software (GDS, DOS)
Picture Man (MS Windows)
GIFConverter (Macintosh)
GraphicConverter (Macintosh)*
Local copy
Giftrans (UNIX, OS/2 and DOS GIF Transparency Tool)
Local copy, including DOS executable
Transparency (Macintosh GIF Transparency Tool)*
Local copy

Sound Formats

The Audio FAQ pub/usenet-archives/news.answers/audio-fmt/audio-faq

Sound "Clip Art" Collections

Yahoo Listing of Sound Archives
SunSite (Japan) Archive of Sounds (mostly -law format)
Info-Mac Archive of Sounds (mostly Macintosh format)
Rutgers Archive of Sounds (mostly -law format)

Sound Conversion and Manipulation Software

Sound Exchange "SOX" (Unix, DOS and MS Windows)*
Local copies
ScopeTrax (MS Windows)
SoundHack (Macintosh)
Brian's Sound Tool (Macintosh)*
Local copy
Sample Editor (Macintosh)
Wavicle (Macintosh)

Video Formats

How to Make MPEG Movies

Movie "Clip Art" Collections

Yahoo Listing of Movie Archives
Apple's QuickTime Movie Archive
MPEG Movie Archive
Another MPEG Movie Archive

Video Conversion Software

FlattenMooV (QuickTime "flattener" for Macintosh)*
Local copy
Qt2mpeg (Macintosh QuickTime to MPEG; experimental)
QFlat (QuickTime "flattener" for MS Windows)
Sparkle (MPEG to QuickTime Converter for Macintosh)
AVI-Quick (AVI to QuickTime Converter for Macintosh)

CHAPTER 7: A Web Style Guide

Online Style Guides

WWW Design Issues
Tim Berner-Lee's Style Guide
NCSA Guide to HTML
Entering the World Wide Web - a Guide to CyberSpace
Composing Good HTML

Clip Art, Icons and Other Web Graphics Resources

See Graphics Listings for Chapter 6

Tools for Site Maintenance

CVS (Unix)
Htget and url_get (Unix, DOS, Macintosh)*
Local copy
Libwww (Unix, DOS, Macintosh)*
Local copy

US Copyright Office Information

US Copyright Office Information and Publications


Fill-out Forms

NCSA's Documentation of Fill-out Forms

Clickable Image Maps

NCSA Clickable Imagemap Tutorial
CERN's htimage Documentation
The "New" NCSA Imagemap
CERN htimage (part of CERN server distribution)
MapEdit (Unix and MS Windows map editor)*
Local copy
WebMap (Macintosh map editor)*
Warning: This is threatening to become a commercial product!
Local copy

Archives of Scripts

NCSA's Archive of Scripts
Yahoo Archive of Scripts
NASA's Archive of Scripts
Meng Wong's Archive of Perl Scripts

Document Indexing and Text Searching

SWISH (Unix)*
Local copy
Local copy (all platforms)*
Local copy
freeWAIS (Unix)*
Local copy
Mosaic and WAIS Tutorial
WAIS Tutorial
ICE (Unix)
GlimpseHTTP (Unix)

Other Gateway Scripts

Finger, Archie, phf (Unix, part of NCSA server distribution)
Ph Whitepages Server (Unix) E-mail Gateway (Unix, requires
Genera (Sybase to HTTP; Unix)
WDB (Sybase to HTTP; Unix)
Oracle Web Interface Kit (Unix)
Whois++ Gateway (Unix)
X.500 Gateway (Unix)
MailServ (Mailing list gateway; Unix)
Hypermail (Hypertext mailing list archive generator; Unix)*
Local copy

Server-Side Includes

NCSA Tutorial on Server Side Includes


CGI Specifications

NCSA CGI Documentation (including CGI 1.1 Specification)
CERN CGI Documentation


Perl 5.0 Distribution*
Local copy (v 5.001m)
Perl 4.0 Manual
Perl 5.0 Announcements and Manual

CGI Libraries (Perl 4 library for CGI)*
Local copy (Improved Perl 4 library for CGI)*
Local copy (Perl 5 module for creating forms and parsing CGI input)*
Local copy
Libwww (Perl 5 toolkit for building Web services)*
Local copy
CGI modules (comprehensive collection of Perl 5 CGI modules)*
Local copy
EIT's CGI Library (C language)
Python CGI Library (Python language)
CERN Cgiparse (Shell-scripting utility, part of CERN server distribution)


A Calendar (cal) Program that Supports the Julian Option*

On-the-Fly Graphics

GD (C library for creating GIF files)
GDTcl (Tcl interface to GD) (Perl interface to GD)*
Local copy
Ghostscript (Postscript Converter; Unix, DOS, Macintosh)

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