Abstracts and proceedings

Abstract preparation

Abstracts should be sent to the LOC Secretary by e-mail before the 1st of April. Please, set up your text using 7 bit ASCII in the following order: title, authors, institutions, text of abstract. All formulae and native characters should be coded in TeX.

As we have received many requests for oral presentations, a substantial number of them will have to be moved to the poster sessions. A decision concerning this will be taken by the SOC after receiving all abstracts and the results will be known in early June.


The conference proceedings will include only invited and contributed papers (not posters). All papers to be published will be refeered. Page limits are: eight A4 pages for invited papers and six pages for contributed papers (even numbers of pages is preferred).

The authors may send their proceedings by e-mail BEFORE the conference, or bring their manuscripts to the conference, ready for publication on paper and disquette in the required format. No papers will be accepted after the conference.

All texts have to be prepared in LaTeX following the Kluwer style used in Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy. Figures should be enclosed as PostScript, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX or CDR files. If sent by e-mail, all binary files should be UUENCODED. There is also a possibility to upload binaries using ANONYMOUS FTP. In that case connect to FTP.ASTRO.AMU.EDU.PL and leave your files in the directory '/incoming' (remember to use a 'bin' option if sending from a non-UNIX machine).

Approximately 40 invited papers will be given, covering the areas described in the Scientific Program. Participants are asked to submit contributed papers, as either oral or poster presentations. Papers are subject to refereeing by the SOC. Oral papers will be limited to 15 minutes for presentation, with five minutes for questions and answers. The invited and contributed papers will be published in a proceedings volume, edited by I. Wytrzyszczak.