Scientific Programme

The field of solar-system dynamics is expanding rapidly. The application of computers to theoretical and applied dynamics is progressing and has become essential. Planetary and satellite theories are being reworked and improved. The accuracy and span of astrometric data are increasing. Ephemerides are being recomputed and extended.

To provide a forum for the presentation and exchange of new developments in these areas, the Astronomical Observatory of the A. Mickiewicz University and the Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur are organizing and sponsoring this Colloquium under the auspices of the IAU. Co-sponsoring the event are IAU Divisions I (Fundamental Astronomy) and III (Planetary System Sciences); Commissions 4 (Ephemerides), 7 (Celestial Mechanics), 8 (Positional Astronomy), 16 (Physical Study of Planets and Satellites), 19 (Rotation of the Earth), 20 (Positions and Motions of Minor Planets, Comets, and Satellites), 24 (Photographic Astrometry), and 31 (Time); and the Working Group on Astronomical Standards.

Six general scientific fields are included:

Presently, a detailed schedule of the conference as well as a list of posters are available.

The official language of the Colloquium is English.

Last updated on 1996 June 17.