WTP - CD-ROM Information


CD-ROM Description

cdrompic The Welcome to the Planets Education CD-ROM contains two versions of WTP on a single CD-ROM.

  1. There is the original WTP Macintosh standalone version, complete with narration, images, data and a customized kiosk-style interface.
  2. There is a complete contents of these WWW pages on disk. This allows you to view the WTP pages without a network connection. Simply place the CDROM inyour drive, and use your WWW client's 'Open Local' or 'Open File' options to access the pages on the CD-ROM.

NOTE: We have recieved and confirmed reports not being able launch external applications (like LVIEW, etc) to view the images when using NCSA Mosiac. Netscape seems to handle the images correctly. We are investigating a workaround. If you've run into this before, we'd appreciate a note sent to ddl@stargate.jpl.nasa.gov.

Ordering Information

In general, WTP is available free of charge to educational institutions or their representatives.

For further information about obtaining a copy of the WTP Educational CD-Rom, please contact the PDS Operator at