Travel to Poznan

Located half way from Warsaw to Berlin, Poznan can be easily reached by car, train or plane. Travelling by Eurocity trains from Berlin or Warsaw to Poznan takes three hours . From Poznan's airport, Lawica, you can catch regular flights to Warsaw and Dusseldorf.

Planes to Poznan:
The LOC is negotiating significant discounts for the conference participants with the Polish Airlines LOT. Results should be known within a month and will be displayed on this page. At the moment you can have a look at the addresses of LOT offices all over the world and flight schedules
Trains to Poznan:
There are direct connections to Poznan from the following cities: Warsaw, Berlin, Brussels, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Prague.
On the 2nd of June, a new train schedule was introduced in Poland. At the moment, only a list of train departures from Poznan Railway Station is available on the net. However, we have made a selection of all trains arriving to Poznan from Berlin and Warsaw and you can have a look at them here. The price of one way ticket from Warsaw to Poznan (second class, Intercity - IC or Eurocity - EC ) is of about 34 PLN (~12 USD). Other trains are a little bit cheaper. For the first class you have to pay about 50% more.
Emergency phones:
In case of trouble please call (Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30):
10h - 22h tel. 679 670 (the Observatory), and at night
22h - 10h tel. 207 469 (Krystyna Kurzynska), or tel. 624 753 (Iwona Wytrzyszczak)
When calling from outside Poznan, please add the city code which is 61 (first dial 0, wait for a continuous tone, and then dial e.g. 61679670).
Buses in Warsaw:
There are two buses going from Warsaw Airport to the "Warszawa Centralna" Railway Station. One is the Airport-City bus, and it goes directly from the airport to the railway station (a ticket costs 4 PLN, to be bought at a driver). Another is a bus No. 175, but it only stops at the railway station so you should be aware not to pass it (a ticket costs 1 PLN, you can buy it at every kiosk).
Note about taxis (in Warsaw and in Poznan):
Both at Warsaw Airport and at "Poznan Glowny" Railway Station there are lines of "no name" taxis (this is an analogy to the well known "no name" computer diskettes). If you take one, you may pay a bill that is several times higher than normal fares (in Warsaw this may be quite expensive since the airport is far away from the city centre). The only solution I know is to call a Radio-Taxi, which is safe and inexpensive (a drive from "Poznan Glowny" to the Scientific Centre may cost about 4 PLN). At "Poznan Glowny" there is a special phone to call the Radio-Taxi -- it is located at the Left Luggage Room (but I haven't checked yet if the ladies taking orders understand English...).
Trams and busses in Poznan:
Ticket prices depend on the time you spend on a tram (or bus). For 10 minutes it costs 0.38 PLN (coins smaller than 1 Zloty are called Grosze, so 0.38 Zloties is 38 Grosze). 30 minutes ticket costs 0.72 PLN, 1 hour -- 1,1 PLN). If you carry a big luggage, you should pay twice as much. Where to buy tickets ? In Poland there is an extended network of small kiosks selling newspapers, books, cigarettes etc. There you can buy tickets (they are the same for buses and trams, if you buy 10 you will get one more extra).