Conference Site

All Colloquium scientific sessions will be held at the Scientific Conference Center in central Poznan.

Centrum Naukowe PAN
ul. Wieniawskiego 17/19
PL-60-286 Poznan, Poland
tel. +48 61 516841

Registration Fee

A registration fee of 120 USD in local currency will be collected in cash at the conference desk. Payment of this sum will entitle the participant to admission to the colloquium, participation in the social events and receipt of a copy of the proceedings when published. At the moment 1 USD equals about 2.55 Polish New Zloty (PLN). Old currency banknotes (PLZ) are still used and the rate is: 1 PLN = 10000 PLZ. Here you can have a look at the new banknotes.

A fee for accompanying persons of 30 USD will be asked upon registration at the conference desk. The LOC is willing to organize for them short visits of the city and its surroundings, but only if a significant number of persons is interested.

Hotel Accommodations

Lodging will be managed through the Local Organizing Committee. You should fill in the reservation form e-mailed separately with the second announcement and wait for confirmation of your booking. The up-to-date hotel prices are:

single room 47 USD with breakfast
double room 70-84 USD with breakfast
single room 47 USD with breakfast
double room 80 USD with breakfast
single room 29 USD with breakfast
double room 41 USD with breakfast
HOTEL JOWITA (only 39 places)
single room 13 USD without breakfast
double room 26 USD without breakfast
apartment (1 or 2 persons) 38 USD without breakfast
single room 11 USD without breakfast
double room 15 USD without breakfast
SCIENTIFIC CENTRE (in the conference building - only a few rooms)
apartment 63 USD with breakfast
single room 25 USD with breakfast
double room 34 USD with breakfast
There is one more hotel, of the higher standart then any of the above, but it is located about 30 min of walking from the conference building. Public transport does not offer good connections from that place either. If you choose it, you should consider using a taxi or a hired car. Here are the prices:
single room 60 USD with breakfast
double room 84 USD with breakfast
All hotels (except POZNAN) are within a 10-minute walk from the conference site.


There are many restaurants and fast-food outlets within walking distance from the conference site. If there is enough people interested in it, the LOC can organize lunches to be served at the conference site for about 6 USD each. Please, mark the appropriate option in the reservation form. Note, however, that this imposes on you the financial responsibility for missed meals.


Sample pricelist:

When paying with a credit card...
Ford Fiesta 145 DEM + 20 DEM insurance + 22% VAT per day
Renault 19 165 DEM + 25 DEM insurance + 22% VAT per day
When paying in cash one has usually leave a deposit...
Western cars 65...100 PLN per day + 650...1000 PLN deposit
Polonez 70 PLN per day + 400...1200 PLN deposit

Tentative Colloquium Agenda