M.Sc thesis:   "Physical properties of the Flora Family asteroids"

adviser: Prof. T. Michalowski, caregiver: Dr. A. Kryszczynska

The new survey of the Koronis family of asteroids show non - random orientations and spin rates (Silvan, 2002). This phenomenon could be explained by long - term dynamical evolution, called Yarkovky effect. Finding similar group of spins asteroids in another family could be verification for Yarkovky effect theory.
 The present work is a part of science project in Astronomical Observatory of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, its aim is to collect data on asteroids spin vector sidereal periods of rotation and shapes.
 This paper is a collection of data on physical properties of the Flora family asteroids. Up to now was observed 90 small bodies from this family asteroids and for it are data presented.
 For the determination of physical parameters of asteroids it is necessary to use photometric data from three opposition, that is why gathering process takes a few years. For asteroids: 291 Alice, 367 Amicitia and 825 Tanina new photometric observations carried out at Observatory: Borowiec, Pic du Midi and Rozhen are presented. Were used the new ligthcurves and published oppositions for obtained siedereal periods, senses of rotation and shapes for the three asteroids.
 There is a list enclosed to this paper, containing information about observation carries out and future opposition for individually asteroids of the Flora family.

Silvan S.M., 2002, Spin vector alignment of Koronis family asteroids, Nature, 419, 49-51.