Radial velocities of slow movers

Due to delay in construction of our spectroscopic telescope, the project described herein has not been started as planned. In the meantime new radial velocity measurements of stars appeared in large numbers, making the original analysis outdated in many points.

We still provide the description of the project with a warning that it does not reflect the recent progress in the field.

This page presents lists of small proper motion stars, as described in a paper.

The main list (targets.lst, 109 KB) includes 1100 stars. The first column gives the Hipparcos number of the star (strictly ascending), next is the Tycho-2 corresponding number and the third column shows the calculated Sun miss-distance ( DD ) in parsecs. The lower is the DD value the higher is our interest in this particular object, ie. the probability of confirmation that the star is actually the Oort cloud perturber.

For the user convenience in the next four columns we added the visual magnitude of the star, its position in the sky (J2000 Right Ascension and Declination, in degrees of arc both) and its spectral type copied from the Tycho-2 Spectral Type Catalog, recently made available at CDS. From our 1100 stars 96 are not included in this catalogue but with the help of SIMBAD database we decreased the number of missing spectra down to 48 stars. The last column labels those stars, which have been observed even if the results are not yet available.

There is also a list of 13 stars (most_wanted.lst) of particularly high probability of confirmation as an Oort cloud perturber. They should be observed first.

We plan to observe slow movers with our new echelle spectrograph, starting from the brightest end and moving on to the dimmer ones. As we progress, our results will be made available at this page.

We will also mark these stars from our lists, which radial velocities will be measured by other observers even before the actual numbers are made available. This will help to avoid duplication of efforts.

  Last updated on 2005-07-13 by T. Kwiatkowski