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Foschini, L.; Farinella, P.; Froeschlé, Ch.; Gonczi, R.; Jopek, T. J.; Michel, P.
Long-term dynamics of bright bolides

0.28505/1999A  E  F                      R                              
Kryszczynska, A.; Kwiatkowski, T.; Breiter, S.; Michalowski, T.
Relation between rotation and lightcurve of 4179 Toutatis

0.07105/1999A  E  F                      R                              
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Optimum Period Search: Quantitative Analysis

0.07104/1999A  E  F                      R  C                      O  
Jopek, T. J.; Valsecchi, G. B.; Froeschle, Cl.
Meteoroid stream identification: a new approach - II. Application to 865 photographic meteor orbits

0.07104/1999A  E  F                      R  C                      O  
Valsecchi, G. B.; Jopek, T. J.; Froeschle, Cl.
Meteoroid stream identification: a new approach - I. Theory

Erikson, A.; Berthier, J.; Denchev, P. V.; Harris, A. W.; Ioannou, Z.; Kryszczynska, A.; Lagerkvist, C. I.; Magnusson, P.; Michalowski, T.; Nathues, A.; Piironen, J.; Pravec, P.; Sarounova, L.; Velichko, F.
Photometric observations and modelling of the asteroid 85 Io in conjunction with data from an occulation event during the 1995/96 apparition

0.07102/1999A  E  F                      R  C      S  N              
Czerny, B.; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.; Loska, Z.
The power density spectrum of NGC 5548 and the nature of its variability

Breiter, S. Lawomir
Lunisolar Apsidal Resonances at low Satellite Orbits

Froeschlé, Cl.; Jopek, T. J.; Valsecchi, G. B.
The Use of Geocentric Variables to Search for Meteroid Streams and their Parents

0.07112/1998A  E  F  G                  R  C                          
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
The distribution of empirical periodograms: Lomb-Scargle and PDM spectra

0.07110/1998A  E  F  G                  R  C      S                  
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.; Kaluzny, J.
Metallicity of clusters from RRab pulsators: results of an automatic analysis

0.07108/1998A  E  F  G                  R                              
Breiter, S.; Jackson, A. A.
Unified analytical solutions to two-body problems with drag

0.07108/1998A  E  F                      R                              
Maciejewski, A. J.; Pretka, H.
Galactic disc tidal action and observability of the Oort cloud comets

0.07103/1998A                              R  C                          
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, Alex
Period Search in Large Datasets

Métris, Gilles; Xu, Jin; Wytrzyszczak, Iwona
Derivatives of the Gravity Potential with Respect to Rectangular Coordinates

Breiter, S. Lawomir; Métris, Gilles
Symplectic Mapping for Satellites and Space Debris Including Nongravitational Forces

Breiter, S. Lawomir
Explicit Symplectic Integrator for Highly Eccentric Orbits

0.07111/1997A  E  F                      R  C                          
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
The Correct Probability Distribution for the Phase Dispersion Minimization Periodogram

0.14209/1997A          G                  R  C                          
Mottola, S.; Erikson, A.; Harris, A. W.; Hahn, G.; Neukum, G.; Buie, M. W.; Sears, W. D.; Harris, A. W.; Tholen, D. J.; Whiteley, R. J.; Magnusson, P.; Piironen, J.; Kwiatkowski, T.; Borczyk, W.; Howell, E. S.; Hicks, M. D.; Fevig, R.; Krugly, Yu. N.; Velichko, F. P.; Chiorny, V. G.; Gaftonyuk, N. M.; di Martino, M.; Pravec, P.; Sarounova, L.; Wolf, M.; Worman, W.; Davies, J. K.; Schober, H.-J.; Pych, W.
Physical model of near-earth asteroid 6489 golevka (1991 JX) from optical and infrared observations.

0.07105/1997A          G                  R  C      S                  
Buckley, D. A. H.; Haberl, F.; Motch, C.; Pollard, K.; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.; Sekiguchi, K.
ROSAT observations of RX J1712.6-2414: a discless intermediate polar?

0.07104/1997A  E                          R  C                          
Wisniewski, W. Z.; Michalowski, T. M.; Harris, A. W.; McMillan, R. S.
Photometric Observations of 125 Asteroids

0.07104/1997A  E  F          D          R  C                          
Jopek, T. J.; Froeschle, C.
A stream search among 502 TV meteor orbits. an objective approach.

0.07100/1997                                R                              
Breiter, Slawomir
Second-Order Solution for the Zonal Problem of Satellite Theory

Wnuk, Edwin
Highly eccentric satellite orbits

0.14211/1996A          G                  R  C                          
Breiter, S.; Dybczynski, P. A.; Elipe, A.
The action of the Galactic disk on the Oort cloud comets. Qualitative study.

0.14211/1996A  E                          R  C                          
Kryszczynska, A.; Colas, F.; Berthier, J.; Michalowski, T.; Pych, W.
CCD Photometry of Seven Asteroids: New Spin Axis and Shape Determinations

0.07110/1996A  E                          R  C                          
Michalowski, Tadeusz
Pole and Shape Determination for 12 Asteroids

0.07110/1996A          G                  R  C                          
Jopek, T. J.; Farinella, P.; Froeschle, C.; Gonzi, R.
(Erratum) Long-term dynamical evolution of the brightest bolides.

0.07110/1996A          G                  R                              
Breiter, S.
The theory of motion of JV Amalthea. I. Analytical solution.

0.14209/1996A  E                          R  C                          
Magnusson, P.; Dahlgren, M.; Barucci, M. A.; Jorda, L.; Binzel, R. P.; Slivan, S. M.; Blanco, C.; Riccioli, D.; Buratti, B. J.; Colas, F.; Berthier, J.; de Angelis, G.; di Martino, M.; Dotto, E.; Drummond, J. D.; Fink, U.; Hicks, M.; Grundy, W.; Wisniewski, W.; Gaftonyuk, N. M.; Geyer, E. H.; Bauer, T.; Hoffmann, M.; Ivanova, V.; Komitov, B.; Donchev, Z.; Denchev, P.; Krugly, Yu. N.; Velichko, F. P.; Chiorny, V. G.; Lupishko, D. F.; Shevchenko, V. G.; Kwiatkowski, T.; Kryszczynska, A.; Lahulla, J. F.; Licandro, J.; Mendez, O.; Mottola, S.; Erikson, A.; Ostro, S. J.; Pravec, P.; Pych, W.; Tholen, D. J.; Whiteley, R.; Wild, W. J.; Wolf, M.; Sarounova, L.
Photometric Observations and Modeling of Asteroid 1620 Geographos

0.07105/1996A          G                  R  C                          
Michalowski, T.
A new model of the asteroid 532 Herculina.

0.07104/1996A  E  F  G                  R  C                          
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Fast and Statistically Optimal Period Search in Uneven Sampled Observations

Wnuk, Edwin
Space Debris - the Short Term Orbital Evolution in the Earth Gravity Field

0.14200/1996                                R  C                          
Dybczynski, Piotr A.; Pretka, Halina
The Statistical Effects of Galactic Tides on the Oort Cloud

0.14212/1995                                R  C                          
Michalowski, T.; Velichko, F. P.; di Martino, M.; Krugly, Yu. N.; Kalashnikov, V. G.; Shevchenko, V. G.; Birch, P. V.; Sears, W. D.; Denshev, P.; Kwiatkowski, T.
Models of four asteroids: 17 Thetis, 52 Europa, 532 Herculina, and 704 Interamnia.

0.07110/1995A          G                  R  C                          
Jopek, T. J.; Farinella, P.; Froeschle, Ch.; Gonczi, R.
Long-term dynamical evolution of the brightest bolides.

0.07109/1995                                R  C                          
Spencer, J. R.; Akimov, L. A.; Angeli, C.; Angelini, P.; Barucci, M. A.; Birch, P.; Blanco, C.; Buie, M. W.; Caruso, A.; Chiornij, V. G.; Colas, F.; Dentshev, P.; Dorokhov, N. I.; de Sanctis, M. C.; Dotto, E.; Ezhkova, O. B.; Fulchignoni, M.; Green, S.; Harris, A. W.; Howell, E. S.; Hudecek, T.; Kalashnikov, A. V.; Kobelev, V. V.; Korobova, Z. B.; Koshkin, N. I.; Kozhevnikov, V. P.; Krugly, Y. N.; Lazzaro, D.; Lecacheux, J.; MacConnell, J.; Mel'Nikov, S. Y.; Michalowski, T.; Mueller, B. E. A.; Nakamura, T.; Neese, C.; Nolan, M. C.; Osborn, W.; Pravec, P.; Riccioli, D.; Shevchenko, V. S.; Shevchenko, V. G.; Tholen, D. J.; Velichko, F. P.; Venditti, C.; Venditti, R.; Wisniewski, W.; Young, J.; Zellner, B.
The lightcurve of 4179 Toutatis: Evidence for complex rotation.

0.07108/1995A          G                  R  C      S                  
Buckley, David A. H.; Sekiguchi, Kazuhiro; Motch, Christian; O'Donoghue, Darragh; Chen, An-Le; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, Alex; Pietsch, Wolfgang; Harrop-Allin, Margaret K.
RX J1712.6-2414: a polarized intermediate polar from the ROSAT Galactic Plane Survey

0.07104/1995A          G                  R  C                          
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
On matrix factorization and efficient least squares solution.

0.07104/1995A          G                  R                              
Velichko, F. P.; Michalowski, T.; Erikson, A.; Krugly, Yu. N.; Dahlgren, M.; Kalashnikov, A. V.; Lagerkvist, C.-I.
Lightcurves, magnitude-phase dependence and spin vector of asteroid 675 Ludmilla.

0.07102/1995A          G                  R  C                          
Kwiatkowski, T.
Sidereal period, pole and shape of asteroid 1620 Geographos.

Wnuk, E.
Accuracy of predicted earth's artificial satellite orbits

0.07111/1994A          G                  R  C      S                  
Haberl, F.; Throstensen, J. R.; Motch, C.; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.; Pakull, M.; Shambrook, A.; Pietsch, W.
Discovery of the new intermediate polar RX J0558.0+5353

0.21411/1994A          G                  R                              
Krugly, Yu. N.; Shevchenko, V. G.; Velichko, F. P.; Bowell, E.; Piironen, J.; Kwiatkowski, T.; Kryszczynska, A.; Michalowski, T.
Asteroid 83 Beatrix - photometry and model.

0.07110/1994A                                  C                          
Breiter, Slawomir; Bois, Eric
First-order theory of weakly eccentric orbital motion

0.21404/1994A          G                  R  C                          
Michalowski, T.; Kwiatkowski, T.; Borczyk, W.; Pych, W.
CCD Photometry of the Asteroid 1620 Geographos

0.07103/1994                                    C                          
Breiter, Slawomir; Metris, Gilles
Keplerian Expansions in Terms of Henrard's Practical Variables

0.07102/1994A                                  C                          
Dybczynski, Piotr A.
Impulse approximation improved

0.07112/1993A                              R  C                          
Jopek, Tadeusz J.
Remarks on the meteor orbital similarity D-criterion

0.07112/1993A                              R  C                          
Michalowski, Tadeusz
Poles, shapes, senses of rotation, and sidereal periods of asteroids

Bois, Eric; Breiter, Slawomir
Spherical coordinates perturbations for small eccentricity orbits

0.07112/1992A                              R  C                          
Shevchenko, V. G.; Chernyi, V. G.; Kruglyi, Iu. N.; Lupishko, D. F.; Mokhamed, R. A.; Velichko, F. P.; Michalowski, T.; Avramchuk, V. V.; Dovgopol, A. N.
Photometry of seventeen asteroids

0.07112/1992A          G                  R  C      S                  
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.; Udalski, A.; Monier, R.
Possible first detection of ultraviolet pulses from an intermediate polar - V603 Aquila

0.07107/1992A          G                  R  C      S                  
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Precession in cataclysmic and X-ray binaries - Star or disc?

0.07105/1992A                              R  C                          
Magnusson, P.; Barucci, M. A.; Binzel, R. P.; Blanco, C.; di Martino, M.; Goldader, J. D.; Gonano-Beurer, M.; Harris, A. W.; Michalowski, T.
Asteroid 951 Gaspra - Pre-Galileo physical model

Bois, E.; Wytrzyszczak, I.; Journet, A.
Planetary and figure-figure effects on the moon's rotational motion

0.07112/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Optimum determination of extinction and transformation in multicolor photometry

0.07111/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Accuracy of period determination

0.07111/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Michalowski, T.; Velichko, F. P.; Lindgren, M.; Oja, T.; Lagerkvist, C.-I.; Magnusson, P.
The spin vector of asteriod 10 Hygiea

Velichko, F. P.; Kruglyi, Iu. N.; Lupishko, D. F.; Michalowski, T.
Photometry of the asteroids 22 Kalliope and 79 Eurynome - Magnitude-phase relation, parameters of rotation, and shapes

Wnuk, E.; Breiter, S.
The motion of natural and artificial satellites in Mars gravity field

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