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1 2002CeMDA..84..319B
0.05212/2002A      E                                  R                          U      
Breiter, Sławomir; Métris, Gilles
Ptolemaic Transformation in Keplerian Problem

2 2002A&A...396..293M
0.15712/2002A      E  F                              R  C                      U      
Michałowski, T.; Colas, F.; Kwiatkowski, T.; Kryszczyńska, A.; Velichko, F. P.; Fauvaud, S.
Eclipsing events in the binary system of the asteroid 90 Antiope

3 2002A&A...396..283D
0.05212/2002A      E  F                              R  C      S              U      
Dybczyński, P. A.
Simulating observable comets. I. The effects of a single stellar passage through or near the Oort cometary cloud

4 2002PhRvA..65c3423E
0.05203/2002A      E                                  R                          U      
Elipe, Antonio; Farrelly, David; Wytrzyszczak, Iwona M.
Phase-space structure of the Penning trap with octupole perturbation

5 2002EM&P...90..483D
0.05203/2002A      E                                      C                      U      
Dybczyński, Piotr A.
Directional Distribution of Observable Comets Induced by A Star Passage Through the Oort Cloud

6 2002A&A...383.1049D
0.05203/2002A      E  F                              R  C      S              U      
Dybczyński, P. A.
On the asymmetry of the distribution of observable comets induced by a star passage through the Oort cloud

7 2002aste.conf..645J
0.05200/2002A                                  T                                  U      
Jopek, T. J.; Valsecchi, G. B.; Froeschlé, C.
Asteroid Meteoroid Streams

8 2002aste.conf..113P
0.05200/2002A                                  T          C                      U      
Pravec, P.; Harris, A. W.; Michalowski, T.
Asteroid Rotations

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Databases queried:       Astronomy 
Authors:                 BARTCZAK, P; BORCZYK, W; BREITER, S; 
                         DYBCZYNSKI, P; GOLEBIEWSKA, J; HURNIK, H; JOPEK, T; 
                         MICHALOWSKI, T; PRETKA ZIOMEK, H; PRETKA, H; RATAJCZAK, R; 
                         ROGOZIECKI, P; SCHWARZENBERG CZERNY, A; WNUK, E; 
                         WYTRZYSZCZAK, I
Start date:              00/2002
End date:                12/2002
Refereed Journals:       YES
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