Some general remarks concerning your travel:

Beware of pickpockets in airports, railway stations, trains and city transport. Taking a taxi from stops located near an airport or a railway station can be quite expensive. If you want to take a taxi at a normal price it is best to call it by phone. N.B. There is a special point at the Poznan Glowny station building where you can ask for calling a taxi. Do not count on the possibility of paying directly in foreign currency. You can easily exchange USD and most of the European currencies for the Polish "Zloty" (PLN or ZL) in exchange points (pol: KANTOR) or banks. Exchange points can be found at airports, railway stations and in hotels. The exchange rate is about 4.5 PLN for 1 USD and 4.1 for 1 EU; these values may fluctuate and obviously we are not able to predict the exact rates for July. Credit cards are rather widely accepted in Poland - at least in banks, major restaurants, supermarkets and hotels (except of "Jowita"). Most of the public telephones require a phone card (pol: KARTA TELEFONICZNA). The cards are sold in newspaper kiosks (usually marked "Ruch" or "Kolporter") or post offices. Before the first use of the card you should detach its upper right corner.

From Warsaw (Warszawa) or Berlin to Poznan:

If you arrive at the Okecie Airport in Warsaw, you can easily reach the railway station Warszawa Centralna taking the special "Airport-City" bus. The tickets are sold by the bus driver and your luggage is free of charge. This is not true for the remaining city transport buses and trams, but we do not recommend them for reasons of safety. The bus line 175 has a particularly bad reputation and should be avoided. The trains from Warsaw to Poznan depart from Warszawa Centralna station. Taking one of the trains "Ekspres" (Ex), "InterCity" (IC), or "EuroCity" (EC), you will have to pay an obligatory seat reservation. The cost of the ticket (2nd class) is of about 51 PLN, plus 7-12 PLN for the reservation, depending on the kind of train. A first class ticket costs about 25 PLN more. Ordinary fast trains (pol: Pospieszny) are marked with P in the timetable. Less expensive ( 34 PLN) and without seat reservations are usually overcrowded. In this case, first class tickets (51 PLN) are highly recommended. The attached timetable is selective; all international sleeping trains are ommitted. If your plane arrives to Warszawa Okecie at a convenient hour, you can consider taking a plane to the Poznan Lawica airport.

Trains from Berlin ZOO to Poznan:

Dep. Arriv. remarks
6:55 10:12 EC
12:55 16:12 EC
16:55 20:12 EC
18:55 22:18 EC

Trains from Warsaw (Warszawa Centralna) to Poznan

Dep Arriv remarks
6:00 8:39 IC, all days axcept Sundays
7:00 9:42 EC
8:00 10:50 Ex
9:00 11:42 IC
10:00 13:00 Ex
11:00 13:42 EC
13:00 15:51 Ex, Fridays and Sundays only
14:00 16:50 Ex
15:00 17:37 IC
16:00 18:38 IC, all days except Saturdays
17:00 19:42 EC
18:00 20:50 Ex
19:00 22:01 Ex, all days except Saturdays
19:45 22:36 Ex
22:27 2:21 P

Trains from Poznan to Berlin ZOO

Dep. Arriv. remarks
5:39 9:02 EC
9:45 13:02 EC
13:45 17:02 EC
19:45 23:02 EC

Trains from Poznan to Warsaw ( Warszawa Centralna)

Dep Arriv remarks
2:00 5:47 P
5:25 8:28 Ex, all days axcept Sundays
6:25 9:06 IC, all days axcept Sundays
7:15 10:05 Ex
7:35 10:16 IC
10:15 13:01 EC
11:15 14:09 Ex
13:15 16:08 Ex
14:15 17:17 Ex
15:15 17:58 IC
16:15 19:01 EC
17:15 19:58 IC, all days except Saturdays
18:15 21:08 Ex
19:15 22:08 Ex, Fridays and Sundays only
20:15 23:01 EC

City Transport in Poznan and how to Reach your Hotel:

The system of fares in Poznan buses and trams may seem a bit complicated for a newcomer, but is quite convenient for the experienced.

Tickets (pol: "Bilety MPK") are sold in kiosks - separately or in packs of ten plus one free. In the latter case they are two-sided. The tickets should be stamped right after entering a bus or a tram.

There are two main types of tickets:
1) time-limited tickets cost 0.90 PLN ("90 Groszy"). Stamping a single ticket you can travel 10 minutes in a tram or a bus. Stamping two tickets one after another you can travel 30 minutes. Three tickets allow you a 60 minutes trip. Using the time-limited tickets you can change your trams and/or buses during the trip. 2) stops-limited tickets have been introduced to compensate the loss of time in a traffic jam. They are valid only in buses. Stamping a ticket of 1.30 PLN you can travel the distance of 10 bus stops. Stamping a ticket of 2.30 PLN you can travel any number of stops until the last one of the bus line taken. You can not change the bus during the trip when using this kind of a ticket. However, the stops-limited tickets are not being sold as widely as the time tickets. Many kiosks sell only the latter.

A reduced (50%) rate applies to children. Two reduced rate tickets are not valid as a full rate one. You should pay a full rate fare for each piece of luggage exceeding 65x45x25 cm. Night bus lines (with numbers preceeded by N) and fast buses (lines A,B,C,...) require double rate tickets (you can still use normal tickets in a doubled quantity).

The "Polonez" hotel is located at 36 Niepodleglosci Street. Taking the bus 68 from the railway station you travel 4 stops (i.e. 8 minutes approximately). Arriving late at night you can take the bus N35 and travel 5 stops (still about 8 minutes). The bus stop at the "Polonez" hotel is simply named "POLONEZ". Consulting a timetable at bus stops, please note the difference between "Dni Robocze" (ordinary weekdays), "Soboty" (Saturdays), and "Swieta" (Sundays and holidays).

To reach the "Jowita" hostel from the railway station you can manage without a public transport. Leaving the station through the main door you walk some 300 m straight ahead, up the Dworcowa Street. At the end of the street look to the left and you will notice "Jowita" - a dozen-storeys building with inscriptions "CENTRA, AKUMULATORY" and "GLOS WIELKOPOLSKI" at the top. "Jowita" is located at a characteristic orientation point of Poznan known as "Rondo Kaponiera".

We recommend the map of the centre of Poznan available at our WWW page.


"Capricious" is the best word to describe the weather in Poland. At the beginning of July the temperatures may range from 15 to over 30 C. Be prepared for any case and do not forget your umbrella.
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